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Gunning for Allie – Alive
On November 17, Australian music duo Gunning for Allie released a new single 'Alive'. The new track introduces their upcoming new EP and is a somewhat experimental musical composition from Gunning for Allie.

The song 'Alive', dives into the nature of synth pop of the 80s and modern British indie.The incredible dynamics of the track charge with harmonic waves and its colorful musical palette. The rhythm is energetic and driving, it moves wide synth layers that intersect in a cascading kaleidoscope in the vortex of all the elements of this insightful song.  

The vocal lines are full of emotions and experiences that touch our hearts with their melody and sincerity. Gunning for Allie continue to amaze with their ingenuity and give us real pop hits. The song 'Alive' is another gem in the music catalog of Gunning for Allie and we gladly recommend listening to this fascinating track from this talented duo.