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Larmes Noires – Vertigo
On the eve of the release of his debut full-length album, the French artist Larmes Noires released a double single 'Vertigo'. The release includes two instrumental compositions that invite us into his dark and disturbing world of creativity.

Larmes Noires can really be proud of such a wonderful work because everything was written and recorded by him alone. The title track 'Vertigo' has a broad and rich structure where the main motif is minimalistic and hypnotic. The organic sound of shoegaze guitars and dreamy synths perfectly harmonizes with a relentless flow of energetic beats that lead to shrill guitar tremolos, then a warm delay and jump back into the main theme.

Side B is represented by the song 'L'innocence'. Here, a big role is played by the cascading rhythm section that rises and falls like the waves of a raging ocean. A wall of guitar sound with ghost chords create an incredible atmosphere that excites and confuses. Larmes Noires' music deserves to be written about, talked about and listened to. 'Vertigo' is a real gift for all fans of post-rock, shoegaze and dream pop.  

Listen to the single 'Vertigo' on Spotify below and discover the work of the fantastic Larmes Noires.