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Trash Pals – Love Object
American indie duo Trash Pals presented their EP 'Love Object' on November 17. The album consists of 4 original tracks that introduce us to the creative space of two band members Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider. The guys have been friends since they were young, and each of them had a need to write music and share it.

The EP 'Love Object' is a great proof that the right people are always close by and when it comes to a joint musical craft, there will be no disagreements or obstacles on the way. Musically, the mini-album gravitates towards the alternative rock of the 90s with elements of Britpop and indie rock.  

The phrasing and harmonies of the presented tracks are unique and exquisite. Inventive melodies are filled with grunge guitar overload and an organic rhythm section. Rainbow synthesizers appear and succinctly complement the aesthetics of the songs. 

The vocal lines are warm and penetrating, they harmoniously convey sad and at the same time encouraging lyrics to the listener. The songs from the EP 'Love Object' are really deep and carry the vital truth about the interchanging cycles in human existence. No matter how hard it is to live now, we always have tomorrow and it will surely bring joy and comfort.  

Listen to EP 'Love Object' below on Spotify and discover the work of the charismatic Trash Pals.