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Iridesense – Take Some Action
American band Iridesense is back in full force with a new single 'Take Some Action'. The release of the new song took place on November 7 and presented a new page in the creativity of this experienced and interesting collective.

'Take Some Action' has an explosive sound with killer drums and a tight bassline. Guitars lead a hard accompaniment and a melodic function. The female vocal is energetic and impulsive, it perfectly conveys the aesthetics of the song, calling for action. Time flies so quickly and it does not stop, look around and take from life what it offers us here and now.

The guitar solo excites and leads into the final upbeat verses. The song 'Take Some Action' by Iridesense once again proves the talent and charisma of this rock team. Their long and full history of various achievements and searches is worth fully immersing yourself in their music catalog starting with the releases of the 90s and looking for pearls of song art there.  

Listen to the single 'Take Some Action' below on Spotify and enjoy a powerful new song from the incredible band Iridesense.