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Gary Dranow – Jane
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'Jane' is the new single from American artist Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions. The song tells about the human longing for the restoration of relationships and about the inner willpower that allows us to remain human in the most unpredictable situations.
Gary Dranow – Chaos
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'Chaos' this is a new track from the American artist and producer Gary Dranow. Together with his band The Manic Emotions, Gary Dranow continues to inspire the modern rock scene with amazing songs.
The Project – what’s it going to take
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The Project is the brainchild of American rock musician James Davis, known for his participation in the band Shameless in the 00s. Having received several major awards for a rock band, Shameless will forever remain a cool group for fans of hard rock.
Ivan Beecroft – Carousel
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Ivan Beecroft is a rock artist from Melbourne, Australia who has established himself as a powerful creative force on the local rock scene. His music catalog presents a colorful collection of modern rock music, among which we can find influences from both classic and alternative rock.
Gary Dranow – Hadrian’s Wall
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'Hadrian's Wall' is a song by the well-known American musician Gary Dranow and his band The Manic Emotions. The music track tells about the heroic times of the Roman conquest of Great Britain.
Gary Dranow – Jimi’s Song
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On January 4, a new single from Gary Dranow was released. The song is called 'Jimi's Song' and it is a kind of dedication to legendary rock musicians who have always inspired and healed millions of music lovers with their creativity.
Sometimes Julie – Seven Wishes
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The fifth album of the American rock band Sometimes Julie was released on December 31 and is called 'Seven Wishes'. The record consists of 7 original tracks that represent the current stage of creativity of this exciting collective.
Love To Bleed – Last of My Kind
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Mauro Martins de Oliveira is a well-known American musician, composer and producer who was dedicated to the life force of music throughout his life. Under the name Love To Bleed, he has been launching and releasing his own music since 2017. From an early age, Mauro's mother encouraged him to study music, and already in the 5th grade he played in his first rock band.
Dirty Money – Vice and Virtue
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The British rock band Dirty Money presented their EP 'Vice and Virtue' on December 17. The 4-track mini-album perfectly highlights the band's creative impulses, filled with drive, tension and rock n roll spirit.
Wreckless Strangers – Orange Sky Dream
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Wreckless Strangers is a cool band that was formed in 2016 in San Francisco and now consists of six first-rate musicians and vocalists. Wreckless Strangers can also be called a supergroup, because the members of the collective have an amazing musical background with participation in many well-known bands and musical projects.
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