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The Levy Circus – Tales of the Unconnected
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The Levy Circus are a Market Harborough band formed by Miles Levy as a singer-songwriter's desire to record his own songs with musician friends.
Don’t Call Me Tina – I Hope You Understand
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On June 25, a new single by the American independent artist Don't Call Me Tina was released. The song is called 'I Hope You Understand' and it is a kind of response to the hypocrisy and lies of others.
Delaware Tea Company – Army Of One
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'Army Of One' is the new single from Baltimore based band Delaware Tea Company. The guys met again to play their own music after graduating from university.
For You Brother – America
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For You Brother is a band whose work can be heard in many films and commercials. The collective of three professional musicians, each of whom has a long and successful musical career in other musical projects, moves forward presenting us with their new single 'America'.
John Michael Hersey – Footprints
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John Michael Hersey presented his nineteenth studio album 'Footprints'. The album contains 12 original tracks, each of which is a kind of symbol-trace and imprint of the lived period of an interesting creative life.
Comett – The Dance
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Comett, the stage name of Alexandre Canale-Parola, continues mesmerizing the world with his latest music video, "The Dance," released on May 31, 2024. Despite an early setback in his musical journey—being asked to leave the school choir—Comett has garnered millions of streams and views, firmly establishing himself as a unique voice in the indie pop scene. His journey from a tambourine player to a celebrated artist underscores his resilience and talent.
Steve Contino – Storm
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Steve Contino has always been into music since he first picked up a guitar at the age of six. Years passed and life opened new possibilities for him, which he decided to develop.
Bandana Sons – While We’re Here
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Canadian band Bandana Sons presented their new single 'While We’re Here'. This life song is filled with the power of soulful and thoughtful lyrics that reflect the meaning of our existence itself.
RISE – Without You
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RISE is another Liverpool foursome that is definitely worth the attention of all fans of classic rock. After the death of one of the band members in 2022, RISE recorded and released the EP 'Memories and Possibilities', revealing to us the power of their musical talent.
Gary Dranow – China Rose
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'China Rose' is another heartwarming single from American singer-songwriter Gary Dranow. The song is about a teenage girl who lives in communist China and dreams of going to Hollywood and becoming a star.
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