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Kahnin – I am
Icelandic artist Kahnin writes meaningful songs that reveal the essence of our modern life. His complete immersion in the subject shows us what is hidden from us. The task of every artist is to focus our attention on the amazing events that happen in our lives.

Kahnin's new song 'I am' exposes the desire of dark forces to enslave all of humanity by chipping and tracking our brains and bodies. The author worries about showing us that terrible power. 

The track 'I am' is created in the style of soft rock with elements of the 80s and perfectly conveys the aesthetics of the song with a deep and fantastic plot. Kahnin sings inspiredly, conveying to the world his motive full of thoughts and experiences.  

The music video 'I am' reveals an air of artistic imagery that is perceptively connected to the song's lyrics. Fantastic mise-en-scenes, together with vivid associations, open up the fastest way for us to understand this theme.  

Watch the music video 'I am' below on YouTube and discover the work of the talented artist Kahnin.