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February 9, 2023
Kahnin – I am
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Icelandic artist Kahnin writes meaningful songs that reveal the essence of our modern life. His complete immersion in the subject shows us what is hidden from us. The task of every artist is to focus our attention on the amazing events that happen in our lives.
Silvermouse – Tripgnosis
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Musical duo Silvermouse is based in Puerto Rico, where they create and record original psychedelic music of electronic-acoustic direction. Their tracks are a separate page in the recent history of experimental music.
C-Beem – Starships
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British artist C-Beem released his new single 'Starships' on January 25. This track is a great addition to his vibrant music catalog on his Bandcamp page. Fantastic in the full sense of the word, the piece of music conveys the aesthetics of space adventures thanks to its own starship.
Mira Sthira – Let The Armor Go
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The singer-songwriter Mira Sthira writes extremely dreamy songs in which she dissolves, feeling oneness with nature and its fresh bright impulses. Her new single was released on December 25 and is called 'Let The Armor Go'. This musical composition is an organic addition to the romantic aura of the artist and her disclosure of her state of mind.