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The Margaret Hooligans – Hey Love
The Margaret Hooligans presented their second single 'Hey Love' from their upcoming third album, which will be released this summer. Their new song sounds extremely expressive and rich, it conveys the emotions, concerns and experiences of a person in love.

A viscous and melodic vocal line smoothly falls on the raw garage sound of electric ukulele and impulsive drum cascades. The track 'Hey Love' is gaining momentum and in the climactic choruses it sounds driving and energetic. 

The musical composition in a minimalistic form promises meaningful loads and an emotional component. The original branded garage rock is the main feature of The Margaret Hooligans, which they use 100 percent. The song 'Hey Love' shows the true power of rock n roll in a modern interpretation.  

Listen to the single 'Hey Love' from The Margaret Hooligans below on Spotify and follow the work of this talented and cool musical duo.