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Silvermouse – Tripgnosis
Musical duo Silvermouse is based in Puerto Rico, where they create and record original psychedelic music of electronic-acoustic direction. Their tracks are a separate page in the recent history of experimental music.

With their improvisational jams in which they use musical instruments along with an electronic palette of sound effects, Silvermouse is a unique musical phenomenon in the Americas. Their new single is called 'Tripgnosis' and was released on February 2. 

This atmospheric composition reveals the duo's talent in an incredible landscape of sound waves where overloaded bass bursts out of the general palette and the mandolin creates the effect of melodic grotesque. Electronic rhythms set a cosmic pulsation, and the harmonic flow of the background transports us to an open space where the world is revealed through a completely different art prism.  

Listen to the single 'Tripgnosis' below on Spotify to dive into the depths of Silvermouse's shocking musical freedom.