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Ian Mathias-Baker – Specific Gravity
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Ian Mathias-Baker's new album "Specific Gravity," released on April 8, 2024, is a testament to his eclectic and boundary-pushing approach to music. Known for his ability to seamlessly blend genres and styles, Mathias-Baker defies categorization with this concise yet profoundly deep six-track project. The album features a unique combination of instrumental pieces and poetic settings inspired by the works of T.S. Eliot and Charles Bukowski, creating a haunting and thought-provoking soundscape.
Lump200 – 125undat
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LUMP200, an enigmatic electronic duo, presents their latest single, "125undat." Released on June 7th, 2024, this track exemplifies their innovative approach to electronic music. Blending elements of experimental electronica with hypnotic rhythms, "125undat" promises to take listeners on a captivating sonic journey.
Disconnectica – Reveal
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"Reveal," the latest single from Disconnectica, is a sumptuous and subversive alt-rock epic that captivates with its intricate musical arrangements and evocative lyrics. This track, serving as a preview for the upcoming debut album "Eclectic Dystopia," set for release on July 13, 2024, showcases Disconnectica's most ambitious production to date, weaving a rich tapestry of sounds with a playful yet sinister atmosphere.
Darling Fitch – Shiver
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On May 17, the new single by Berlin based artist Darling Fitch was released. The track is called 'Shiver' it subtly conveys the aesthetics of the artist's inner state ready for experiments and new beginnings.
Kate Pending – Pigmented Reality
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Kate Pending is a promising artist and producer from Berlin who recently shared her debut album 'Pigmented Reality'. The record consists of 12 original tracks and 3 remixes.
Monobjo – ‘TAROT (Original Score)’
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The new work from the Italian musician and composer Monobjo is called 'TAROT (Original Score)'. This is a full-length album consisting of 22 original tracks, each of which through a musical prism reflects the aesthetics of each of the main trump cards of the Tarot.
Rahodees – A Joyous Lecture
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Rahodees is an electronic artist from Indianapolis who writes and records his own original music. His work can safely be called avant-garde, because there we have the opportunity to find something completely new and sophisticated.
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Faroese supergroup AGGRASOPPAR continues to delight us with its fantastic creativity. Their new single 'OMMACHEPANNEKÆK' (GRANDMA MAKES PANCAKES) is part of their upcoming EP and is also an interesting piece of music in its own right.
A Number From the Ghost – In a Plaza Darkly
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A Number From the Ghost is a musical project of the American musician Peter Adams, which represents a new and interesting page in the development of art in our time. His project is interactive, which allows us to combine music and games, playable on any device at
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AGGRASOPPAR is a band formed in the Faroe Islands by like-minded musicians who set out to create extraordinary music, a kind of mixture of lo-fi, punk and avant-garde. The debut album released in 2020 and two subsequent EPs brought the band success, which was the impetus for invitations to well-known European festivals.
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