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C-Beem – Starships
British artist C-Beem released his new single 'Starships' on January 25. This track is a great addition to his vibrant music catalog on his Bandcamp page. Fantastic in the full sense of the word, the piece of music conveys the aesthetics of space adventures thanks to its own starship.

Filled with synth-pop sound effects, the song 'Starships' has a memorable motif and a refreshing character that gives it a unique atmosphere of space flight, as legendary rock bands of the 70s used to do. Art rock elements help make this track moving and colorful.

In the music video 'Starships', the artist plays the main role of the experimenter and his image appears in the strangest reactions and visual effects. Outer spaces and extraordinary phenomena capture our imagination thanks to this video. C-Beem's starship is always open for travel and we invite you to his special galaxy.  

Watch the music video 'Starships' below on YouTube and explore the work of the original and vibrant artist C-Beem.