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The Shining Tongues – This Body Of Mine Will Disintegrate
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The Shining Tongues, spearheaded by Daniel Knowler, return with their sophomore album "This Body Of Mine Will Disintegrate," a follow-up to their eclectic debut "Milk Of God." Formed in 2020, Knowler and bassist Sam McLaughlin bring forward their experience from previous projects like The Infinite Three and Cindytalk, weaving a tapestry that blends post-punk, gothic folk, drone-rock, and psychedelia. This new album stands as an evolution of their sound, offering a meditative exploration of impermanence through a complex mix of genres and influences.
The Pulltops – Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
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The new EP from American duo The Pulltops features their cover version of the famous Creedence Clearwater Revival song 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain?'. Performed by The Pulltops, this song shines in a completely new atmospheric sound.
Samuel Feinstein – Need Me
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'Need Me' this is a new single from the Californian musician and songwriter Samuel Feinstein. The song tells about the not-so-good nature of a drug addict's love, when one side always has to prove its feelings.
Tyler Kamen – Cornucopia Modus
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Tyler Kamen is a New York-based musician and producer, singer and poet who opens doors and other parallel dimensions with his creativity. His latest great work, the Vegetable Gnome Trilogy, has come to an end, because before us is the final part, which is called 'Cornucopia Modus'.
Herman Martinez – Immortal Jellyfish
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On February 29, the new album of the American progressive musician Herman Martinez was released. The record is called 'Immortal Jellyfish' and it contains 18 original musical compositions.
Andrew Smythe – Poetry in Exile
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On March 1, the new album of the London singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Smythe was released. The album is called 'Poetry in Exile' and contains 13 musical compositions, each of which is original and multifaceted.
Paulcito – MVP
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American music project Paulcito presented its new album 'MVP'. Paulcito, it is, first of all, Paul who is the author and generator of ideas, as well as the producer and musician Carl Dennis who participate in the creation of this music.
Robbie Fitzsimmons – The Mountain That Turned Upside Down
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'The Mountain That Turned Upside Down' is a release that once again demonstrates the talent and charisma of California singer-songwriter Robbie Fitzsimmons. He is a well-known artist on the West Coast, where he has repeatedly performed in front of thousands of fans and given them joy and hope with his work.
Poppy Roscoe – Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats
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The band Poppy Roscoe was created in 2015 in Los Angeles. Since then, the musicians have released 3 full-length albums, the last of which is 'Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats'. The album was released in early 2023 and marked a new stage in the work of this amazing band.
Sacha Mullin – Casino Wilderness Period
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Chicago artist Sacha Mullin presented his third album 'Casino Wilderness Period'. The release of the new record of this charismatic musician and singer took place on November 3.
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