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Julien Delaye – Ancient Monster
Julien Delaye debuted as a singer-songwriter on December 17 with the mini-album 'Ancient Monster'. His previous experience in a rock bands gave him the impetus to continue his musical activities during the pandemic.

Julien Delaye's new acoustic guitar became his faithful companion and he began recording his own original songs in his home studio in Marseille, France. EP 'Ancient Monster' consists of five tracks that have a dark nature of narration with a enigmatic timbre of vocals.  

The record 'Ancient Monster' is based on acoustic folk sound with the addition of psychedelic guitar effects. The musical arrangements are interestingly and excitingly developed, they fully reveal the multifaceted nature of the musical material, showing the great talent of the artist.  

The mini-album "Ancient Monster" plunges us into a world full of illusions, where the human heart seeks and finds its own unique path. Listen to the EP 'Ancient Monster' below on Spotify and get acquainted with the deep creativity of Julien Delaye.