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The Starkillers – Eyes Like Fire
The American band The Starkillers presented their fourth single called 'Eyes Like Fire' on January 20. This musical composition is created in the style of alternative rock and shows the ability of the collective to reveal itself with the help of different musical directions.

The song 'Eyes Like Fire' is a powerful track that tells a romantic action story with a dark twist where the main character tries to forget a girl and especially her eyes like fire. 

Emotional vocals convey the fullness of that strong feeling that overwhelms everyone who cannot forget their mysterious love. Powerful rock sound with heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drums fills the entire essence of the song with its penetrating message. 

The band The Starkillers created in 2020 in Salt Lake City and they are just starting their creative journey, so we wish them to reach the top and show their talent to even more people. Listen to the single 'Eyes Like Fire' below on Spotify and discover the creativity of the band The Starkillers.