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The Daytime High – Waterfall
On January 20, the second single of the Los Angeles rock band The Daytime High was released. The song is called 'Waterfall' and it tells about the ways of finding the relationship of people with the surrounding world.

Everyone has their own personal and unique search, and everyone understands the details in their own way, embroidering their own tapestry of life. The rock composition  'Waterfall' has rich emotional vocals and organic drive, which makes this track a great example of modern rock n roll.  

Elements of classic rock are intertwined here with an alternative feed and minimalistic proto-punk fervor. The band The Daytime High sounds cool and catchy, they do not abandon the legacy of the great rock n roll and are going to do their part by groping for their unique style.

Listen to The Daytime High's single 'Waterfall' below on Spotify and get lost in this soulful rock song.