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John Laprade – Giving Up The Ghost
At the end of last year, the American singer-songwriter John Laprade released his new album called 'Giving Up The Ghost'. The record consists of 5 original tracks, which are a kind of letter to the city of New York, where the artist lived for the last 25 years.

Because it has become unbearably difficult to get a job as an artist in this city, John Laprade decided to move to Nashville, where there is always hope and support from people like him. His new music is beautiful soft rock songs permeated with a sense of light and kindness, bitterness and longing.  

John Laprade's soulful voice penetrates our hearts and touches our innermost feelings. Beautiful arrangements filled with guitar hooks and symphonic lines perfectly support the penetrating tone of the vocalist.  

Listen to the album 'Giving Up The Ghost' below on Spotify and enjoy this magical collection of new songs from John Laprade.