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Ives Electric – Poetry
Ives Electric is based in London where he creates and produces his own songs. His extensive experience at indie scene and collaborations with major labels gave him the impetus for his solo career. Ives Electric recently released his debut single called 'Poetry'.

This is the first track from the artist's upcoming debut album. The composition is made in a sweet and passionate sound with rhythmic basses and new wave vibes. The main in the song is voice, which sounds mysterious and insightful. The vocals have a unique silk timbre that perfectly conveys the mysterious aesthetics of the track.  

In the music video 'Poetry' is the only one character is Ives Electric who appears in various mise-en-scène with his guitar with which he looks like a real rock hero. The aesthetics of the video effects are stunning. We've missed such rock n roll music videos since the '90s and we'd like to see more of them.  

Watch the music video 'Poetry' on YouTube below and enjoy this incendiary debut song from Ives Electric.