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Bir Tawil – In Between
UK/French based duo Bir Tawil presented their debut album 'In Between' on April 22. The record includes 8 tracks created in folk and world styles with a touch of archaic blues and psychedelia.

This work attracts the attention of all lovers of serious music and those who are looking for elements of experimentation and novelty in the art of music. The track 'As fire as well' is based on exotic percussion and deep vocal verses. Harmony of the song keeps its melancholic monologue creating beautiful forms in a minimalist presentation. 

Song 'The chain' sounds like acoustic folk rock that delivers its wings and grows into a big and bright composition. The track 'The hanged' has a mathematical structure that conveys interesting musical images and percussion and plucked stringed instruments unlock the atmosphere around the hypnotic vocals.  

Listen to the full album 'In Between' from Bir Tawil on Spotify below and immerse yourself in a fantastic interesting world from this amazing band.