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Giada Valenti – Every Time
The Italian artist Giada Valenti began her creative career in Venice. Thanks to her talent, Giada Valenti lit up in Europe and after a while she moved in Las Vegas where she lives now. On her creative path there were many wonderful moments that inspired the singer to move on. Her aspiration and good heart developed in her live to create and give beautiful songs.

The single 'Every Time' was released on April 15 and became Giada Valenti's new official release. The unforgettable voice of this artist has an extremely warm tone shimmering with velvet shades. Acoustic guitar great accompanies this song and perfectly complements the elegant structure of the composition.

The singer shares all the songs with all her love and thanks to those people who surrounded her and continue to surround her in her life. The song 'Every Time' to all those people and fans who inspire her never stop but move on. 

Song art from Giada Valenti is true gift for all lovers of soulful songs. Listen to the single 'Every Time' on Spotify below and enjoy a new fantastic song from Giada Valenti.