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May 6, 2022
Liad Abraham – What Cowboys Dream Of (If They Dream)
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"I tell stories with six strings." This is how the Israeli guitarist and composer Liad Abraham described his own work. As he succinctly and clearly speaks these words about music, so we confirm the above and express our appreciation for his high talent.
Giada Valenti – Every Time
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The Italian artist Giada Valenti began her creative career in Venice. Thanks to her talent, Giada Valenti lit up in Europe and after a while she moved in Las Vegas where she lives now. On her creative path there were many wonderful moments that inspired the singer to move on. Her aspiration and good heart developed in her live to create and give beautiful songs.
Adrianos – Give Us A Kiss
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Adrianos debuted with the single 'Give Us A Kiss' on May 5. The singer-songwriter Adrianos is originally from Greece and is now based in London. His song received a nostalgic sound that organically introduces us to his poetic world.
The story of one music video
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One November morning, I went to the antique shop 'LOT ONE TEN'. I loved taking a walk in autumn London after a snack at McDonald's and a large serving of black coffee. I felt in good spirits and even the gray rain could not interfere with my daily ritual, so Walthamstow greeted me with genuine indifference, as if inviting me to take a walk on the favorite street of the designer William Morris, whose mansion-museum was around the corner.