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Adrianos – Give Us A Kiss
Adrianos debuted with the single 'Give Us A Kiss' on May 5. The singer-songwriter Adrianos is originally from Greece and is now based in London. His song received a nostalgic sound that organically introduces us to his poetic world.

The artist sings about the wonderful moments of reconciliation and the revival of love feelings. The ensemble play and back vocal lines perfectly accompany the voice of the singer who in a pure and inspired form carries the romantic essence of a beautiful song. 

The composition is dynamic and transparent, we can hear every instrument, every voice, every note and every breath. Adrianos presented himself to us as a real poet who cares about the beauty of the art of song. He is an original and elegant artist who creates his personal aura that touches our hearts and opens before them the breadth of a beautiful world.  

Listen to the single 'Give Us A Kiss' on Spotify below and rate the awesome song from Adrianos.