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The Sound of Monday – Pure Imagination
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Dave Jay first saw the film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' when he was 4 and a half years old. In general, this was the first movie he saw in theater, and after that this favorite topic did not leave him throughout his life. Years passed and Dave Jay completely devoted himself to creativity and finding himself through it.
Mick J. Clark – It’s Christmas Party Time
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'It's Christmas Party Time' is another song from the British singer-songwriter Mick J. Clark dedicated to Christmas. We look forward to this holiday every year, and when it comes, our joy knows no bounds.
Mick J. Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas
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Christmas is approaching and we are all looking forward to its arrival. Mick J. Clark has some incredible songs about Christmas in his music catalog and in these pre-holiday days we are happy to reveal another of his hits for you.
Mick J. Clark – Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah
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Mick J. Clark is a well-known singer songwriter from Great Britain who can truly be proud of his colorful music catalog which certainly represents the considerable musical legacy of this talented artist. The songs of Mick J. Clark were played on many radio stations and repeatedly occupied the highest positions in the iTunes charts.
Carson Ferris – 1999
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'1999' is the title of the new single from the American artist Carson Ferris. At the age of 13, Carson Ferris managed to establish himself as an interesting and charismatic artist who occupied his own niche in music.
Justin Levinson – Collamer Circle
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On September 9, the new album of the American singer-songwriter Justin Levinson was released. The album is called 'Collamer Circle' and it contains 10 original tracks recorded by Justin Levinson and friends during the pandemic.
Peter Michaels Jr. – Angry Oranges For Dinner
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New York singer-songwriter and producer Peter Michaels Jr. continues his fantastic fruit story with his new album 'Angry Oranges For Dinner'. This ten-track album was created thanks to a masterful combination of synthesizer sounds with beautiful melodies and lyrics.
Aza Brown – Wasting Away
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On June 23, a new single by the British artist Aza Brown was released. The song is called 'Wasting Away' and it has a light and graceful motive in the style of Power Pop.
Mick J. Clark – Anuther Sunny Hulliday
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'Anuther Sunny Hulliday' is a song by the British artist Mick J. Clark that calls for a break from the hard routine of work and to enjoy a sunny holiday. A good mood and a fresh stream of good thoughts make a song written from the heart and given to people.
S J Denney – The Things Happen EP
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On April 28, the new EP of the British singer-songwriter S J Denney was released. The mini-album is called 'The Things Happen' and it consists of 4 main tracks, as well as a secret one.
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