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Wolf & Clover – Twelvemonth And A Day
The American folk ensemble Wolf & Clover released their second album 'Twelvemonth And A Day' on February 1. The band works with Celtic folk music and certainly brings new themes and trends. The record 'Twelvemonth And A Day' includes great songs that are played organically and richly. Only musicians of this level could create such an amazing work.

In the dance track 'The Columbus Set' unfolds an amazing synchronization of rhythmic patterns and energetic passages familiar to everyone. 'The Unkquit Grave' is a sad and minor composition that stretches its thoughts and feelings. A powerful dark folk motif tells about that deep theme that worries everyone in its unique time.  

The song 'To Whistle Set' features beautiful music ornaments that entail all the instruments that envelop the sounds in a charming original arrangement. The track 'The Bedroom Set' is graceful and elegant in its slow instrumental narrative. It seemed that such familiar and native melodies had never been heard before. 'Into the Mystic' sounds like a profound soundtrack to a film about life, love and mysticism in it all.  

The album 'Twelvemonth And A Day' has 11 tracks and all of them deserve the attention of true fans of folk music and Celtic culture. The band Wolf & Clover does a great historical and artistic work, bringing a new word to the eternal book of world folk heritage.  

Listen to the full album 'Twelvemonth And A Day' from Wolf & Clover on Spotify below and enjoy the best examples of modern folk music.