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Pini Gurfil – Reborn
The second English-language single by the Israeli singer-songwriter Pini Gurfil was released on January 21. The song in a light jazz form tells about separation and the state that comes with loneliness.

In addition to his musical activities, Pini Gurfil is known as a space engineering professor at the Israeli Institute of Technology and it is obvious that his communication with the stars is reflected in his charming songs. 

The composition 'Reborn' as a jazz standard crashes into our memory and no longer leaves it. The beautiful and velvety timbre of Pini Gurfil's vocals has a hypnotic power that attracts to his music. The arrangement is concise and harmonious. Jazz progressions with warm accompaniment of the chamber ensemble is amazing.  

In the music video 'Reborn' the artist sings against the background of beautiful women's features and light illuminations. The black and white video perfectly conveys the aesthetics of jazz, vintage and romance. 

Watch the music video 'Reborn' on YouTube below and appreciate the awesome new release from Pini Gurfil.