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February 7, 2022
Sano Hill – The Climb
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The Irish singer-songwriter Sano Hill released his debut single 'The Climb' on January 28th. This song was the first official release from the singer's upcoming full-length album to be released later this year.
Serma – Horizons
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The English band Serma is based in Milton Keynes where they gathered in 2021 to create and play their own rock n roll. On February 1, the band debuted with their single 'Horizons'. A rock trio created by young guys was born.
Klashing Black РTo The Shelter
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The American duo Klashing Black was formed in 2017 by two twin brothers Kane and Kyle Benner. The guys have been involved in music since childhood and their lives have always been full of creativity.
Wolf & Clover – Twelvemonth And A Day
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The American folk ensemble Wolf & Clover released their second album 'Twelvemonth And A Day' on February 1. The band works with Celtic folk music and certainly brings new themes and trends. The record 'Twelvemonth And A Day' includes great songs that are played organically and richly. Only musicians of this level could create such an amazing work.