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AGGRASOPPAR is a band formed in the Faroe Islands by like-minded musicians who set out to create extraordinary music, a kind of mixture of lo-fi, punk and avant-garde. The debut album released in 2020 and two subsequent EPs brought the band success, which was the impetus for invitations to well-known European festivals.

'TEKIN UPPÁ LÍV' is the second single from AGGRASOPPAR's upcoming album, which will be released later. This song is a smooth and mellow music track with a pulsating beat and atmospheric backgrounds. Vocal lines alternate in a free, unobtrusive way, but they carry a deep meaning and their own message.  

The song seems to draw parallels between our childhood hide-and-seek games and adult dissolution in the masses. It sounds like an echo of those hideouts and the feeling this game gave us, and how it carries over into the social behavior of many of us today. Instead, 'TEKIN UPPÁ LÍV' seems to show another way to come out of hiding and be yourself, to be useful to the people around and close to us.

Listen to AGGRASOPPAR's single 'TEKIN UPPÁ LÍV' on Spotify below and check out the cool new work from this up-and-coming band.