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AIN’T – Lo-Fi Demo EP
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In his music, the Italian artist AIN’T combines elements of classic rock with a punk thrust and a sludge attitude. His powerful guitar sound is able to fuel the emotional component of his musical compositions. Last year, AIN’T released his debut mini-album, which is called 'Lo-Fi Demo EP'.
Umberto Bravo – Sacred Sinner
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The Italian singer-songwriter and composer Umberto Bravo released his second official single 'Sacred Sinner' on January 14. This song became the first harbinger of the artist's upcoming EP, which will be released later this year.
Perdurabo – Hopes
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Italian musician and producer Perdurabo released a new single 'Hopes' on December 16. Perdurabo writes and records his own tracks with the help of other musicians and singers who meet on his creative path.
Merrymount! – The State I’m In
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The Italian band Merrymount! is back with a new single 'The State I'm In' that was released on December 9. This song gathered the rock group to creative work, and the result was not long in coming.
Ninni – For The Last Time
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Italian singer-songwriter Ninni continues to delight us with his insightful and sensual songs. His manner of singing has that unique and special taste that remains in our memory for a long time after listening to his work.
Animate – The Colour Of A New Day
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The Italian band Animate presented their new single 'The Colour Of A New Day', which was released on October 18. This is their second acoustic single released this year. The song 'The Colour Of A New Daysong' has the form of a ballad where beautiful acoustic arpeggios accompany a sensitive vocal line.
Ede – Red Leaves
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'Red Leaves' is the name of the new single of the Italian composer and producer Ede. The new release took place on October 21 and opens a new page in the creative path of this thinker and artist.
Her Skin – I Started A Garden
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Her Skin, an Italian-born singer based in the UK, where she works creatively, delivering incredibly soulful songs to people. Her debut album is called 'I Started A Garden' and was released online on September 30.
Lato – Camouflage
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On August 23, the new single of the Italian rock band Lato was released. The song is called 'Camouflage' and it precedes the appearance of their new album 'KARISMA'.
Ninni – Just the Touch of My Hands
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Italian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Ninni has shared a new single titled 'Just the Touch of My Hands'. This track makes us sing along with the artist to a memorable motif that, with its simplicity and friendliness, drags us into story and invites us to become a part of it.