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Massimo De Simone – La canzone dei pianeti
On December 28, the Italian artist Massimo De Simone released a new single 'La canzone dei pianeti', which is translated from Italian as 'The song of the planets'. This extremely sweet and romantic ballad is an exquisite piece of music that has it all, sweet melody, broad harmony and dreamy content.

The song 'La canzone dei pianeti' tells about the dreamy journey of a father and son between planets and unknown worlds. Their love will not allow them to get lost in a new space for them and will keep them close, not moving away from each other.

'La canzone dei pianeti' is a beautiful and elegant musical composition that gives warmth, hope and love. Refined musical arrangement complements the lyrical context with wonderful colors, where everything sounds graceful and open, as if the beauty of the eternal cosmos beckons, invites and entices us to become a part of it. 

Massimo De Simone is a real master of songwriting and we appreciated his talent as an artist who, through his creativity, gives humanity faith in goodness. Listen to the single 'La canzone dei pianeti' below on Spotify and enjoy a fantastic new track from the bright Massimo De Simone.