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Perdurabo – Magnetar
Perdurabo is the stage name of an Italian electronic musician and producer Davide Arneodo. On January 26, Perdurabo's debut album, called 'Magnetar', was released. The record contains 10 original tracks, some of which were already released as singles last year and opened the curtain of this wonderful musical work.

Musically, the tracklist represents a high-quality electronic rock compilation, in every part of which we can feel the great talent and charisma of the artist. Impulsive synthesizers intersect here with dreamy guitars and colorful rhythms. Vocal lines add character and sophistication, they carry melodic shades and reflect the life reflections of the author of the texts. A dark aura involuntarily spills over the entire surface of the album, setting the stage for deep immersion in the aesthetics of this music.

Other creative people took part in the recording of the album 'Magnetar', includings Jörg Wähner from Apparat, Jochen Arbeit from Einstürzende Neubauten, Gabriele Giletta, and vocalists Roman Rappak (Miro Shot), Chloe Charles (Echlo), Daudi Matsiko, and Tom Adams. 'Magnetar' was recorded by the famous producer Gareth

Jones and mastered by Matt Colto at Metropolis Studios. Artworks for the album and singles was presented by the New York artist Andy Gilmore, which added weight and significance to this worthy music release. The album 'Magnetar' is also available to all fans of the physical format and is released on CD and vinyl.

Listen to the album 'Magnetar' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the incredible world of creativity of the fantastic Perdurabo.