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Of Shadows And Lights – Poems From The Edge
Of Shadows And Lights is the musical project of the Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Angelo Pitone. He writes, arranges and records his tracks entirely by himself, and his creative heritage is replenished every time with interesting and charismatic musical compositions.

On December 15, Of Shadows And Lights released his second EP called 'Poems From The Edge'. The lyrics for the presented songs were written by the British singer-songwriter Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, and this collaboration became an important milestone in the creative path of the artist. EP 'Poems From The Edge' consists of 4 powerful tracks, each of which is sustained in its own style, but in general, the conceptual content of this exciting record is felt.  

The original approach to writing tracks is a special feature of Of Shadows And Lights and we have really cool songs in front of us that have the influence of alternative and indie rock, which are strangely combined with anthemic classic rock moments and electronic elements. 

Each of the songs of the mini-album 'Poems From The Edge' is a nugget on the modern rock scene, because in addition to dynamic and virtuosic performances, there is a depth of song poetry and its meaningful message. 'Poems From The Edge' by Of Shadows And Lights was released on the Swedish label Rexius Records AB and it is a really high-quality musical product that speaks of the amazing talent of this artist.  

Listen to EP 'Poems From The Edge' below on Spotify and enjoy the incredible aesthetics of modern rock from the fantastic Of Shadows And Lights.