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Tyler Kamen – Lizard House
New York musician multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Kamen is prolific and talented personality. He is interested in the rich palette of arts where he tries to realize himself.

His music is one of the ways he cherishes and presents to him images full of ideas and events. Art rock and psychedelic  are the basis of his music.  

On December 17, he released his new album called 'Lizard House'. This is the tenth album of the artist and it contains 22 songs that are collected under one fantastic plot. 

So in the track 'Lizard House' sound classic arrangements and instrumentation of the 70s progressive music. Guitar riffs cut through psychedelic synthesizer arpeggios and send them to motivating guitar solos with cascading drums. 

In the song 'Professor Trinket' cool pumping develops a lively course of music. Clear vocal singing together with guitar hooks in various forms cling to the rich rhythm.  

The song 'Monk Key' has groove and riffs that saturate the interesting accumulation of sound waves. 'Feather Weather' is another song that fully reveals the talent of instrumentalist and composer Tyler Kamen.  

Listen to the whole album 'Lizard House' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in an interesting and rich story told by Tyler Kamen.