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The ROLF – No Peace Of Mind (for This Piece Of Meat)
The ROLF is a trio of musicians who grew up together and play for fun. The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where they recorded their debut single 'No Peace Of Mind (for This Piece Of Meat)'. In their first official release there are two tracks that introduce us to their work.

The song 'No Peace Of Mind (for This Piece Of Meat)' has a psychedelic color with indie vibes. The vocals are strong and piercing, supported by a swinging and mesmerizing accompaniment.  

The next song 'Days like these' sounds relaxing waves with melodic vocals and calm movement of harmony. Surf rock moments are highlighted by steel reverb guitars and square bass moves.  

The ROLF released two of their first songs and they delight us with their melodies and psychedelic atmosphere. Listen to the single 'No Peace Of Mind (for This Piece Of Meat)' on Spotify below and appreciate the wonderful debut work from The ROLF.