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Leonardo Barilaro – Turkey Is Burning
Leonardo Barilaro is a composer from Malta who covered a painful topic for Turkey in his single 'Turkey Is Burning'. Thousands of people suffered a disaster that caused the spread of wildfires. The fire is relentless, it has serious consequences for humanity.

Hundreds of fires covered Turkey and took away people's homes and hopes for a better life. To accent with this, Leonardo Barilaro wrote the epic song 'Turkey Is Burning'. The recitation of recent news and the reaction of eyewitnesses to these terrible events appear in alarming minor of the electronic sounds. 

The mixture of music and noise creates that grand picture of pain and despair. The composition is intended to draw listeners to this problem of the modern world and sharpen feelings of empathy.  

By the way, all the funds raised for listening to and buying this track will go to the fund to support the consequences of the fires in Turkey. Listen to the single 'Turkey Is Burning' on Spotify below and join the good cause with composer Leonardo Barilaro.