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Jade 10 – I Am Beautiful
Everyone is beautiful in soul because the soul is the face of human. This message is sent in the song 'I Am Beautiful' by artist Jade 10. The singer-songwriter behind the stage name Jade 10, is based in Los Angeles.

She promised herself to be honest with herself and in her songs. The lyrics that go from her soul are emotional moments that reveal each person from the other, good side. The artist seeks to help everyone tired of this gray life with her songs, giving them the light of her hope.  

The single 'I Am Beautiful' has a sweet singing that flows in a smooth melody over a light organic accompaniment. A wide palette of backing vocal and synthesizer lines meet with soft acoustic guitar and groove percussion. 

A bright song about the light of each person lifts our spirits in difficult moments of self-doubt. Listen to the single 'I Am Beautiful' below on Spotify and sing these simple and close words together with Jade 10.