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August 16, 2021
Leonardo Barilaro – Turkey Is Burning
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Leonardo Barilaro is a composer from Malta who covered a painful topic for Turkey in his single 'Turkey Is Burning'. Thousands of people suffered a disaster that caused the spread of wildfires. The fire is relentless, it has serious consequences for humanity.
Jade 10 – I Am Beautiful
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Everyone is beautiful in soul because the soul is the face of human. This message is sent in the song 'I Am Beautiful' by artist Jade 10. The singer-songwriter behind the stage name Jade 10, is based in Los Angeles.
Chris Mansell – Freedom Don’t Come Easy
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Chris Mansell is a British singer-songwriter who creates masterpieces of acoustic folk with blues notes. His single 'Freedom Don't Come Easy' was released on August 6 and was chosen for the final scene and end credits of forthcoming film 'Alignment'.
Said Sara – Bleedways
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On August 12, a music video for Said Sara's song 'Bleedways' was released. We have already mentioned the talent of this American musician and could not miss the visualization of his talented musical work.
Loome – BIG TALK
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The music of London artist Loome was created for the night tiime and it's true. Listening to his new single 'BIG TALK' released on August 13 opens the way to a fascinating journey through the night conversations that unite or separate people.