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Chris Mansell – Freedom Don’t Come Easy
Chris Mansell is a British singer-songwriter who creates masterpieces of acoustic folk with blues notes. His single 'Freedom Don't Come Easy' was released on August 6 and was chosen for the final scene and end credits of forthcoming film 'Alignment'.

Indeed, the song 'Freedom Don't Come Easy' deserves the best praise. The natural freshness of the track miraculously calms and adjusts to the eternal wisdom that leads its story from generation to generation, thus connecting them. 

The acoustic guitar sounds like an archaic blues recreating incredible passages in its pentatonic. The vocals are pure and folk, singing about freedom and about life choices that need to be chosen and still go further. 

The ensemble enters the second part of the song and raises the tension, saturating the track with inner musical content. The cool song that became the soundtrack to the film is also a great soundtrack to life.  

Listen to the single 'Freedom Don't Come Easy' on Spotify below and get into a blues trance from the song Chris Mansell.