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Mia Mormino – Showtime
Mia Mormino creates her music professionally with a sense of great responsibility to all music lovers. The artist is based in Los Angeles, where she develops her image as a talented singer. Her new single 'Showtime' was released on July 16 and immediately took place into independent playlists.

The song is really insightful and soulful. Mia has a graceful voice. Her vocal timbre is silky and velvety and it is remembered for its inspired melodies. In the song 'Showtime', she touches on the theme of loneliness and insecurity. In the choruses, she bursts into an emotional rush, revealing singer's feelings and experiences. The accompanying music has a good vibes of pop rock and neosoul. 

This powerful pop ballad seeks to help every single person who can't cope with loneliness. The composition consistently develops, increasing its volume and growing into a solo guitar, which is talented in its phrasing. The song 'Showtime' is a worthy addition to the music catalog of the worthy artist Mia Mormino. The single just got a music video, so now we can watch a great cinematic version of this song below on YouTube.