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The Ducks – In Grate Britons
Brighton music duo The Ducks released on the last day of last year their political action movie - single. 'In Grate Britons'. Sometime around this time, on December 31, a trade agreement was presented between the UK and the European Union, the last possible day that existed as a last chance for someone.  But it's not about politics, but about music and it seems that the release day was well chosen by the musicians.

Listening to the new single of The Ducks forgets about the content that was started with the anthem and tuned to punk rhythms and the prelude ended with a cool drum n bass part.  The drummer impresses with his technique and the minimalist bass leads the whole structure of the song in the turning point where the rhythm radically changes and maintains the content.  Vocals are aggressive and mental add a touch of acting and in general the composition gives the impression of a feature film about dissatisfaction with the reality of the main characters.

  The song will appeal to fans of the minimalist alternative of the 90s and fans of such cult bands as Morphine and Primus.  Who has not heard the Ukrainian version of this movement of live drum n bass, recommend listening to one of the best bands of the 90s in the post-Soviet space - iDMG (i Drug Moy Gruzovyk). But let's go back to English Brighton with their other rock duos - Blood Red Shoes and Royal Blood.  The other side of the single offers a remix of their song 'All I want for Xmas is a scinhead' and only invite to go back to listen this original song with others tracks from their first EP released in March 2020. Of course, The Ducks deserve to become the third important rock duo from Brighton.  You can listen to the single here and now.