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War Honey – Shard on Shatter
My acquaintance with War Honey began in Brooklyn at a club resembling a large floor lamp.  Rather, I would call that club as if it really existed, but not only in my imagination. The mood is chamber. Sad and cheerful at the same time. Yes, this can be achieved especially if you sing in minor on major harmony.  And how to sing! Vocalist Gabrielle is a new lamp vocal that can be powerful and crack with an inconspicuous drive, but mostly it's beautiful melodies that flow from her mouth.

They carry simple texts as clear as God's day for the average intellectual or all those who may consider themselves one of them. Listening to the EP 'Shard to Shatter', sometimes it seemed to me that this is the new Janice, but more restrained as our restrained time, respectively.  Maybe it's not Janice, it's Tarja?  No, it's not as cool in New York as it is in Finland, but the band's guitarist Ben, does his job perfectly. Guitar arrangements are beautiful and perfectly supported by casual keyboards and a minimalist rhythm section. As one classic said: "Everything is simple - brilliant." His guitar reverb sometimes invites us to the other side of the States, which tells the mystical story of a town, home to Laura Palmer. 

The EP was released on December 1 last year and contains four new tracks. This is the second release of the band since their first single was released and attracted the attention of fans of modern indie rock and shoegaze music. We have to listen to this great studio work, nice mixed EP 'Shard to Shatter' by War Honey on Spotify below and wait for the start of live performances, because such music is especially interesting for live 'communication' between musicians and the audience.