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Hollow River – Known to Lie
Mark MacDonald created his music project Hollow River to share his creative ideas through it. The Canadian musician and singer has been writing and recording his music ever since he mastered the technique at Berklee in Boston.

His passion for working in the studio is felt in the high quality of his singles. 'Known to Lie' is one of Hollow River's singles where its groove and dense sound are impressive. The rhythm of the single starts to charge with its energy after the first rising verse. The author writes lyrics, squeezing humor and irony into his plots, which in general has a cheerful restless background. The fast recitative singing gives the accents of rhythm raising it to a new level. 

The chorus of the single 'Known to Lie' is a real pop punk with its drive and breadth of reefs. The song convincingly shows the author's talent to mix alternative musical styles. Hollow River follows the latest music trends with its mix of pop punk and hip hop. We believe that the future of the American alternative lies with artists such as Hollow River. Listen to his single 'Known to Lie' below on Spotify.