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Actve Captve – Last Forever
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The American band Actve Captve continues to delight us with its exciting releases. Their latest mini-album is called 'Saudaze'. This release is the final stage that symbolizes the line of the last lyrical songs written by the frontman Justin Han, and is a kind of new step into the unknown, beckoning and exciting.
Love Ghost – LEFT ON READ
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Love Ghost released a new single called 'LEFT ON READ' on October 26. The song 'LEFT ON READ' was recorded by well-known producer Mike Summers and is the result of a collaboration between Love Ghost and the Mexican artist Wiplash.
Carley Varley – HOMESICK
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On October 13, a new single by the British artist Carley Varley was released. The song is called 'HOMESICK' and it tells about the feelings that are always with those who find it difficult to return home, about the whole dark world that plunges people in search of mental refuge on the streets.
heavy on the heart. – Catch Me If I Fall
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'Catch Me If I Fall' is the title of the single from the American rock band heavy on the heart., which opens the curtain of their upcoming debut EP. Four like-minded musicians continue to release amazing rock hits filled with catchy melodies and driving sound.
ettie – Marty McFly
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'Marty McFly' is the title of the new song from the London queer artist ettie. The song represents a return to the past and an attempt to tell the truth about yourself in order to become even stronger.
Bjørn BARock – Stell mir keine Fragen
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'Stell mir keine Fragen' is the title of the new single of the Swiss artist Bjørn BARock that was released just now. After his debut album 'Raus in die Freiheit', Bjørn BARock decided to continue his creative journey independently performing all roles in the recording process.
Shock Value – When Lightening Strikes
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On July 29, the debut album of the American band Shock Value was released. The record is called 'When Lightening Strikes' and it introduces us to a talented new band based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Chip & The Charge Ups – What Happened to the Boy Next Door?
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On June 2, the American rock band Chip & The Charge Ups released a new album called 'What Happened to the Boy Next Door?'. This year, Chip & The Charge Ups have already made their mark as 'Best Rock Band' in the 12th annual Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards.
SPIES – Playing With Matches
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The Austrian-British duo SPIES debuted with the album 'Playing With Matcheson' May 26. 10 amazing pop-rock songs appeared in exquisite sequences, placing emphasis on human feelings and experiences.
Drunken Logic – Rounding Up
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On March 16, a new single by the American band Drunken Logic was released. The song is called 'Rounding Up' and it's a great addition to the band's ever-growing music catalog. Vocalist and frontman Jake Cassman writes unforgettable songs that stay with us for a long time after the first listen.
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