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Food and music, music and food. Hannah always loved listening to music while eating and cooking. And what about without music? Her favorite music is rnb, soul, indie and electronics. Her favorite ingredients in the kitchen are vegetable plants grown in the garden and mixed with a love of cooking.

She like to produce real music. I met Hannah through music. Once she did a remix of one of our songs and what came out impressed us. An electronic miracle with techno beats and trap bass came out of the viscous indie-rock track. We once sat in a known cafe in Walthamstow and talked about our plans. 

"You know, I want to do different things but not so far from music." she said, telling the story of her formation. "As you play the drums, it's solid gold," i said, praising her sound and the technique she learned while studying at Berklee. 

She continued: "I find that few people are interested in ordinary musicians, because now everyone can record from their bedrooms and the streaming platforms accept everyone without exception."  

"Oh, you know what happiness it is for a person to feel part of the process, part of the music industry!" I smiled.

"I guess it's better than doing nothing. There's never too much music." she also smiled.

"Indeed, there is not much music," I thought and was happy when Hannah shared her new business. 

She managed to combine her hobbies into one thing and it's really great. When the bell rang in my house on Wednesday afternoon, I ran to open it. Hannah stood in the doorway holding a package that read 'FOOD & MUSIC'. This is her new brand. Hannah smiled and I thanked her. In a moment I was tasting great Caribbean Style Spelt Pie and Mushroom Medley. 

There was also music. The package was opened with congratulations and a code. I went to Spotify and caught that wave of fresh playlist. Her musical taste is as refined and critical as should to be a taste of a professional musician. I trusted her kitchen and did not lose. I remember the punctuality, purity and aura of the holiday in my order. Food and music combined! The taste of Caribbean food on this summer London day best tones and satisfies hunger. When I was satisfied with my portion of food and music and sat on the couch I looked again at the app through which I was ordering. Simple in design, minimalist and elegant like its mistress. I thought: "When my friends will be in London, they must be sure to try the fruits of the inspired idea of ​​FOOD & MUSIC."