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Oliver Jordan – Depression Starter Pack
Oliver Jordanpresented his new EP 'Depression Starter Pack' on June 25. The tracklist of his new release consists of 6 songs that are united by one atmosphere and mood.

Faced with depression in his private life, Oliver Jordan transferred these vibes to the musical plane and before us is music that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of a person who suffers from the uncertainty and disappointment of our turbulent times.  

Oliver Jordan's alternative rock takes lo-fi form with its open and bold sound. Elements of grunge and shoegaze also set the tone for hopelessness and total darkness. Oliver Jordan sings soulfully and convincingly, his guitar accompaniment is often filled with effects and with a flurry of drive.  

EP 'Depression Starter Pack' should be listened to and perceived as an original and extraordinary record from a charismatic artist who is Oliver Jordan.