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Zach Bilcsik – Videogame!
On June 25, Zach Bilcsik released his new mini-album 'Videogame!', consisting of 6 tracks. He broadcasted his love for video entertainment through his creativity, and we have a really interesting and exciting soundtrack for our delight.

Zach Bilcsik composed and records his tracks on his own in his home studio. His instrumental electronic music has a retro flavor and breathes the eternal freshness of a familiar gaming space.

Impulsive and dynamic tracks from the mini-album Videogame! this is a tribute to the classic heritage of video games, which, in turn, will surely appeal to lovers of synthwave and experimental electronic music.

Zach Bilcsik's personal dedication to the search for his original musical designs makes his music extraordinary. Listen to Zach Bilcsik's EP 'Videogame!' on Spotify below and get pumped up by the energy of this amazing release.