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Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe – DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?
On May 10, a joint track by Los Angeles alternative rockers Love Ghost and Cinnamon Babe was released. The song in an emotional form reveals the struggle and search for oneself among those who want to destroy us.

Cinnamon Babe is a young artist who has become part of the LA nu metal scene. Her talent is undeniable and her charisma is clearly conveyed in the song 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?'. Love Ghost is an original and cool band that has already achieved a lot in the music field. The joint work of these two artists advertises their identical view on the problems of society and modern worldview.  

Powerful nu metal sound with duet emo singing is what we are ready to perceive as a fresh wave of Californian emo. In the music video 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?', two artists see themselves through the prism of a computer game. There they can do whatever they really want.  

Watch the music video 'DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?' below on YouTube and appreciate the cool new track from Love Ghost x Cinnamon Babe.