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Dirty Mitts – Electric Kid
'Electric Kid' is the title of the new single of the British band Dirty Mitts. The track was ordered from the band by the fashion designer Mounir Ghazi and his lyrics are present in the song.

This is a life-affirming song that tells about the author of the song's own path, which he went from a shy child to a man boldly looking into the future. 'Electric Kid' is a powerful blues rock where everyone can find a part of their being.  

Overloaded guitars with awesome hooks and solos together with an accentuating rhythm section create a fantastic environment for emotional vocals. The track 'Electric Kid' by Dirty Mitts is a beautiful musical composition that uniquely combines classic rock heritage with modern hard rock trends.  

Listen to the single 'Electric Kid' below on Spotify and recharge with the energy and new rock n roll sound from Dirty Mitts.