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Despite the Wane – Beyond That Wall
The single 'Beyond That Wall' is taken from the album of the same name by the Italian band Despite the Wane. The song amazes with its emotional coolness that easily reaches our hearts, leaving its aesthetic mark there.

The song 'Beyond That Wall', like the whole album, is a tribute to the musical heritage, among which there is no doubt new wave, post-punk and gothic rock. Elements of these styles along with electronics fill this musical composition with a meaningful sound.  

Mir Kollins' penetrating vocals and Max Dury's virtuoso electric guitar make this song unforgettable. It is these two amazing musicians who are the basis of Despite the Wane and their talent is undeniable. In the music video 'Beyond That Wall' in dark blue tones, the musicians appear as real heroes who use their art to look beyond the metaphorical wall of life and death.  

Watch the music video 'Beyond That Wall' below on YouTube and appreciate the great new music from Despite the Wane.