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Bury The Pines – All Quiet (On the Midwestern Front)
The band Bury The Pines is based in Cleveland, USA, where they first met to play together in 2023. The guys play progressive emo rock, where the influence of pop punk and post-hardcore is clearly visible.

Currently, Bury The Pines is preparing for the release of their first EP and recently released their second single 'All Quiet (On the Midwestern Front)'. The song tells about a special story where the main character is taken to a war he doesn't want to be in. This is not his war, but life dictates its own rules and everything happens as it should.  

The track has a dynamic development where there is a groove, pressure and drive. Sophisticated guitar parts are saturated with math rock hooks that spin the drums into a whirlwind of cascading rhythm. The double vocals perfectly convey the aesthetics of the song with its emotional component.  

'All Quiet (On the Midwestern Front)' by Bury The Pines is another cool track from a cool band and we highly recommend listening to this single right now on Spotify.