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Suicide Puppets – Beyond The Veil
Suicide Puppets is a well-known touring metal band in America that has its own special image and music. Suicide Puppets was formed in 2007 and since then they have performed extensively all over the country and shared the stage with such great bands as Napalm Death, Wednesday 13, The 69 Eyes and others.

In 2020 and 2021, Suicide Puppets deservedly received two consecutive best metal band awards at the Central Pennsylvania Music Awards, which speaks of their talent and desire to move forward. 'Beyond The Veil'  is the latest release from Suicide Puppets that came out at the end of last year. The 5-track mini-album opens before us the band in full strength and combat readiness. 

Their harsh and murderous themes aptly reflect today's insanity and the inner struggle of anyone seeking the truth. The record contains elements of black metal and gothic where the heart-breaking rhythms are filled with growling and epic backgrounds. Powerful metal from Suicide Puppets is their business card by which everyone recognizes them. 'Beyond The Veil' from Suicide Puppets is recommended to everyone who loves heavy metal in all its variations.  

Listen to EP 'Beyond The Veil' below on Spotify and become immersed in the expression and mystery of Suicide Puppets.