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INTERCONTINEN7AL – Albatross Flight
Global-folk has appeared on the music map of the world. The new project INTERCONTINEN7AL has taken on the mission of the discoverer of what was to happen sooner or later. Modern Magellan in the form of a musical group has gathered under one wing musicians from all 7 continents of our planet thanks to the Internet.

The planet is still suffering from the latest troubles associated with the pandemic, but people are finding new ways to combat this scourge, including musical art. The global project INTERCONTINEN7AL recorded an online rock album and started collecting donations to the fund to fight COVID-19. A great idea and a great cause attracts the attention of many connoisseurs of rock and folk music and we can only rejoice in such a historic event. 

The single 'Albatross Flight' is just one of the 12 presented and on its example we will look at the music of INTERCONTINEN7AL. The composition begins as an acoustic folk with an expressive rhythm that like the plastic body of an albatross in its flight pierces the headwinds. The broken rhythm of the drums inspired by the progressive rock strikes the high ocean waves against the coastal rocks. And so the lead guitar lifts our bird higher and higher where there are no waves or wind and only our planet is like a big ball with its 7 continents below. 

The song clearly has the potential of a soundtrack about our planet in the National Geographic and we will do our best to support such projects. Listen to the single 'Albatross Flight' by INTERCONTINEN7AL below on Spotify and look at our land from the height of this majestic bird.